outcomes! outcomes! outcomes!
funders want measurable outcomes.

The buzzword "data-driven" has become increasingly important as grant makers seek to affect long-term social change. Philanthropists want to clearly define through measurable outcomes how their investment will create a better life and world for today and future generations.

GDS works with you to create custom program tracking systems that measure your progress toward your goals.

GDS trains your staff to collect, enter, and maintain program data.

GDS provides point in-time reports and/or on-going data analysis services.

GDS helped Miami Book Fair determine 75% of South Florida school children will read for fun if you give them a book.


Rachel possesses the utmost professionalism and expertise in the field of economic impact research methodology and design. With her natural curiosity and sheer love of research, it is a pleasure to work with her on projects. Rachel is able to educate non-research oriented colleagues to come to a point of complete understanding of the data, manage multiple aspects and easily adjust to the “zigs and zags” of implementing a complicated project. She delivers results which are relatable, actionable and address the needs of the client.

Lanie Shapiro, CEO Touchpoll