GDS offers a series of development workshops and custom-designed trainings facilitated by Certified Trainers with over 50 years combined experience in US nonprofit, redevelopment and international development work. Seminars are hands-on, computer-based trainings.

Grant Seeking & Grant Writing 2 Day Intensive Seminar* - 12 hours
Day one, participants:

  1. Organize agency documents for rapid RFP response
  2. Find appropriate RFP listings and sign up for list serves
  3. Identify and vet prospective funders
  4. Create and organize an annual strategic grant writing plan

Day two, participants:

  1. Create a compelling and consistent grant proposal identified on day one &/or
  2. Create a general grants proposal for tailoring to multiple funders
Level - Beginner/Intermediate

Tracking Data & Measuring Outcomes* - 4 hours

  1. Learn how to evaluate program data and report measurable outcomes to funders and other stakeholders
  2. Create industry acceptable indicators for measurable program outcomes reflective of program goals
  3. Design custom data tracking systems to measure program outcomes
Level - Intermediate/Advanced

Project Budgeting* - 4 hours

  1. Create a comprehensive program budget
  2. Learn to accurately reflect agency contributions in program budgets and create appropriate funding ratios
  3. Learn to ensure consistency between program budgets and program narratives
Level - Intermediate/Advanced

Getting Government Grants - 6 hours

  1. Learn the steps to register for Federal grant opportunities
  2. Identify government grant sources
  3. Prepare for writing government grants & use of public records requests
  4. Learn distinct proposal styles for government funders
  5. Learn to strategically use supplemental materials
Level - Intermediate/Advanced

Advanced Proposal Writing - 6 hours

  1. Conduct level 2 vetting using funder tax documents and public records
  2. Create consistency between agency tax documents and annual operating budgets
  3. Create consistency between program budgets and program narratives
  4. Design custom data tracking systems to measure program outcomes
  5. Learn to evaluate programs and how to report data to funders
  6. Create a logic model
  7. Learn strategies for cultivating relationships with funders
Level - Advanced

Conducting a Preliminary Economic Impact Analysis (EIA) - 4 hours

  1. Learn what an EIA is, what it means, and why it is important to funders and sponsors
  2. Learn how to conduct an in-house EIA
  3. Learn when it is appropriate to write an EIA vs. using a professional service
  4. Identify resources to help pay for an EIA
Level - Intermediate/Advanced

Industry-specific Grant Writing

  • Grant Writing for Classroom Teachers
  • Grant Writing for Individual Artists
  • Grant Writing for Small & Mid-Sized Museums
  • Grant Writing for Faith-based Organizations
* GPA certified curriculum
League of Women’s Voters of Palm Beach County

Wanted you to know (thanks to you), we applied for our first grant on our own!  Thanks again for all of your training.

Joyce Sullivan, 2nd VP & Director of Development